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The Team

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Mike Garratt, Chairman
Mike is a transport economist and worked as a local government transport planner and then researcher and lecturer at the Universities of Leicester and Liverpool before founding MDST in 1983. Mike specialises in rail freight and maritime projects, with a particular emphasis on ports throughout the world, advising the developers of rail freight distribution parks and acting as an expert witness at planning enquiries and in court cases. He has also managed the development of MDST’s global trade and shipping databases. In the UK he is a board member of the Rail Freight Group and sits on the Freight Advisory Group of the Canal & River Trust.

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Sharon Cox, Director
Sharon is a maritime transport economist and worked as a researcher at Liverpool University before founding MDST in 1983. Sharon specialises in the maritime and waterborne freight sectors, examining the commercial prospects and policy environment of ports and maritime services.

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Chris Rowland, Managing Director
Chris is a freight transport economist and market analyst who joined MDST following a career working at the National Audit Office and the Transport Directorate-General of the European Commission. He specialises in the commercial, economic and policy aspects of the roro/ferry sector, urban logistics, the European maritime and rail freight sectors, and, more generally, the impact of public policy on the freight transport industry.

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Gail Bradford, Senior Consultant
Gail is a maritime transport economist who joined MDST following a career in maritime transport research and consultancy. With almost 30 years’ consultancy experience, she specialises in shipping market research and analysis, port traffic forecasting, the appraisal of port development projects and the renewable energy sector both in the UK and throughout the rest of the world.

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Michael Hatfield, Senior Consultant
Michael is a freight transport economist and planning and policy analyst who joined MDST following a career in the logistics industry. He specialises in logistics, road and rail freight, modal economics, the planning system and transport policy analysis and development. Michael advises developers seeking planning consent for rail-linked distribution parks, including acting as an expert witness at public inquiries.

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Chris Wright, Senior Consultant
Chris is a freight transport economist and modeller who joined MDST following a Masters Degree in Transport Planning from the Institute of Transport Studies at Leeds University. Chris specialises in developing freight transport models to forecast traffic volumes, estimate modal share and assign traffic to transport networks. He helped to develop and maintains the MDST GB Freight Model and has also developed software to forecast global trade and to model the European deep sea container, UK rail freight and British ports markets.

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Bill Ratcliffe, Consultant
Bill is a freight transport analyst who joined MDST after a career working for various private sector businesses, including a bus company. Bill specialises in carrying out consultation exercises and the collection and analysis of data from industry sources on waterborne freight, port hinterlands and warehousing.

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Antonella Teodoro, Consultant
Antonella is a freight transport economist and data analyst who joined MDST following a career as teaching assistant and researcher in transport economics at the University of Bari and as a business consultant. Antonella specialises in developing financial models of businesses and services operating in the rail freight and maritime sectors and product development for MDST.

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Simon Marzetti, Associate Consultant
Simon is a railway engineer and transport modeller who joined MDST following a career as a civil engineer at British Rail and as an overseas development volunteer and consultant in Mozambique. Simon specialises in designing railway layouts for rail freight distribution parks, analysing rail network capacity and developing models of transport networks and services.

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Sam Graham, Consultant
Sam is a data analyst, who joined MDST following a degree in Town and Country Planning from Manchester University and a logistics analysis role for a major UK retailer. Sam’s main areas of responsibility are to maintain MDST’s global roro/ferry fleet database, to contribute to consultancy projects with background research and to develop an in-house knowledge database.

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Nick Adshead, Shipping Data Analyst
Nick is a data analyst, who joined MDST following a degree in Geography from Sheffield Hallam University and a role as a Planning Assistant at Cheshire West & Chester Council. Nick’s main area of responsibility is to maintain MDST’s global container fleet database and produce analyses of this information for consultancy projects.

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Andrea Warner, Office Manager
Andrea is responsible for ensuring the office runs smoothly, including secretarial and receptionist duties and maintaining marketing materials.


John Douthwaite, IT and Database Manager, is responsible for maintaining MDST’s global trade database and managing the company’s IT network